In 2009, Shanghai Wuyang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established.            

In 2010, we entered the field of electric wheelchair controller and electric scooter controller.            

In 2011, X20-the first generation of self-developed electric wheelchair controller was put into production successfully.            

In 2012, Wuyang entered the field of industrial robotics and the three-axis motion controller was successfully developed.            

In 2013, the second generation of electric wheelchair controller X2445 was successfully developed; Company size expanded, we moved to Baoshan City Industrial Park.            

In 2014, Wuyang entered the field of new energy vehicles and started the R&D of new energy vehicles intelligent charger; We successfully launched high-end electric wheelchair controller Y2450B; Wuyang was nominated as Shanghai high tech enterprise.            

In 2015, we passed ISO9001 quality management system certification; 2.2KW vehicle charger was developed successfully. The scale of the company expanded further, and the headquarters moved with expansion; Yanteon Mechanical & Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. was established to inherit Wuyang’s resources and positioned strategically focus on the field of electric controllers.            

In 2016, we passed IATF16949 quality management system certification; Y2450L controller for brushless electric wheelchair was developed successfully.            

In 2017, 3.3KW vehicle charger and 3.3KW OBC+1.2KW DCDC for the new energy vehicles were successfully developed.            

In 2018, the new generation of brushless electric wheelchair controller Y2450M was successfully developed.