After-sale Services

After-sale Services            

Dear customers:            

Thank you for choosing Yanteon electric controller and thank you for your consistent support for our products and services.

Since the establishment of the company, Yanteon (Wuyang Technology subordinate enterprises) has always been regarding product quality as our lifeline, aim to serve customer needs as our purpose. With stable product quality, excellent service system and high-quality staff, Yanteon has developed into a leader in the field of electric control. Our electric controllers have been widely applied in electric wheelchair controllers, electric scooters and other industries. At the same time, we continuously invest in R&D by ourselves and launch high-grade new products to market every year, which enhances our innovation and creativity.           

We have always attached great importance to customer's after sales support services. Our entire after-sales service system has been certified by the ISO 9001 quality management system, which indicates that Yanteon not only promises to provide high-quality services, but also systematically ensures that such services are stable with continuous improvement. In the past decade, the customer satisfaction of after-sales service of Yanteon Electrical&Mechanical Co., Ltd. has been ranked above the average level at market survey for many years.

To provide more timely and comprehensive service for you, we have built a professional after-sales service team. They will provide you with many contents including the latest development of after-sales service, product technical support, product application support, as well as the latest information in the field of electric and electronic products. We hope that through these and product installation, we can provide you with the following related information and services about operations, training, maintenance and certification, we can help you faster and better apply the controller to your vehicles.

Finally, thank you again for your love for Yanteon electric controller. Our goal is always to provide you with first-class products and services. Yanteon is willing to work hand in hand with you to create a better tomorrow.


Yanteon Mechanical & Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

After-sales Department